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Memories of the Medina

Starts at:

Horse Coach Street by Place Jemaa el Fnaa (Rue el Mouhadine across from Mosquee al Koutoubia near Club Med), The Medina


1 hour 10 minutes

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Dive into the collective memory of the thousand years old square, Place Jemaa el Fnaa, and its surrounding souks. Beyond the iconic postcard imagery often associated with the Medina, this walk offers a glimpse into the lives of the people working there. Their stories show how familial, oral transmission has preserved traditional crafts and arts here for centuries.

You’ll meet Hicham, a snake charmer and Simohammed, a monkey trainer. You will learn the rules for haggling, and discover white magic love cures with Zakaria, while soundscapes of the souk’s past and present explore the sonic origins of today's traditions. This walk will equip you to with the secrets to engage in the essence of Jemaa el Fnaa—the halqa—the circular gathering around artists that has animated the square for centuries...

Artist Anna Raimondo’s inclusive creative process involved many contributors working together, sharing their stories to create a collective mosaic of memories and perspectives. In addition to the interviews presented in this piece, Anna has merged multiple people of the Medina into Rokia, the semi-fictional narrator who guides listeners to a deeper understanding of the area.

Tips & Hours

  • This Detour is best between 1pm - 5:30pm when the markets are in full swing. We don't recommend this Detour on Fridays or during Ramadan because most of the stops are closed.

  • You'll need a good internet connection for downloading. Try “le Jardin” in the Medina, or “Café du Livre” in Gueliz.

  • Before you get there, change at least 100 dhr in coins or small bills for the snake charmer, performing monkeys, and Moroccan treats.

  • If shop-keepers talk to you while you are listening, just point to your earphones with a big smile or press pause and explain.