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Hasidic Williamsburg (Men)

Starts at:

Green & Ackerman's Restaurant, Williamsburg


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Hasidic Williamsburg is a stark contrast to the hipster enclave that surrounds it. In these two walks, one for women and one for men, you are lead into the storefronts, back rooms, and neighborhood spaces of the Hasidic community by the people who know it best.

Life-long Hasid and resident of Williamsburg, Joseph Piekarski, walks you through his neighborhood and reveals the intimate and centuries-old traditions behind everything from their hats to their houses and the way they walk. You’ll stop by a yarmulkle shop, have a meal at a restaurant where the men and women sit apart, pay a visit to a volunteer kitchen where kosher food is prepared for the sick, and venture deep into a synagogue.

Witness and gain understanding of the Hasidic community’s unwavering traditions as you walk through a day-in-the-life of men in Hasidic Williamsburg.

This audiowalk was produced by international sound collective, Soundwalk.

Tips & Hours

  • This Detour is best between 10am - 5pm Sunday through Friday. We don't recommend taking this Detour on Saturdays, because nearly all the stops are closed.

  • You'll want to bring a little cash for food along the way, and a small $5-$10 donation for a volunteer kosher kitchen on the walk. Also, come hungry! You'll stop at several food shops.

  • The Hasidic community observes a dress-code of modesty. To respect this custom when visiting, women should have their elbows, knees, and collarbones covered. Men should not wear shorts or flip flops.