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Framblo's Oakland

Starts at:

Kiosk at 13th & Broadway, Oakland City Center


45 minutes

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Eli Horowitz (Silent History, McSweeney's), and Andrew Leland (The Organist Podcast, Believer Magazine) turn Oakland’s Uptown into the setting for a kinetic short story about two bored teenagers who birthed a music revolution, and the ukulele-driven betrayal that drove them apart.

As you wander the streets and alleyways where Meg Framblo took her first few steps to international pop superstardom, you’ll see and hear the city in a new light. You’ll be treated to rare early recordings of songs that a few million people now know by heart, and play along with Framblo as she bangs out her first songs on the city’s sidewalks, street signs, and walls.

You've never experienced anything quite like this experiment in placed-based fiction.

Tips & Hours

  • You can take this Detour any day of the week between dawn and dusk.

  • This is a work of fiction.

  • There's exactly three bad words. If you count "goddamn," there are six.

  • If you feel uncomfortable walking through the alley, go around the block to the opposite end.

  • This Detour starts near the 12th St BART station and ends near the 19th St one.