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Panhandle Park, The Haight


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Produced in partnership with KQED

Peter Coyote’s a famous actor now, but back then he was one of those starry eyed kids who flooded into San Francisco and got the sixties going. He’ll walk you through the heart of the Haight, where it all started -- from the site of Jimi Hendrix’s first San Francisco concerts to the parade route where Coyote and his pals declared the whole scene dead and tried to bury it. Along the way, he’ll tell you about feeding whale meat to hundreds of people in a park, tearing it up with the Hell’s Angels, turning tie-dyed shirts into a fashion statement, and sparking radical social changes that have become mainstream.

This Detour, presented by KQED, shows you the real Haight Ashbury through the eyes of someone who was there. In the pop culture version of the 60s, the Summer of Love is always sunny and warm. But in reality, things got dark. Very dark. This walk shows you both sides.

Tips & Hours

  • This Detour is best between 11am - 6pm on weekdays, and noon - 5pm on the weekends.

  • Bring something small (that would fit in a mailbox) that you would consider trading for something at a Free Store.