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Marina Sweets

Starts at:

Chestnut Bakery, The Marina


60 minutes

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If Nietzsche, Freud, Marx, and Betty Crocker had a baby, it would be Ulrich Fürst, the severe German philosopher with a sweet tooth. It’d also be a four-parented miracle of nature. “Sweets of the Marina” feels equally miraculous with its absurdly delicious recipe of gourmet cupcakes, childhood trauma confrontation, and brutal ideological critique.

As you feast at many gourmet bakeries, Fürst’s ruminations expose the paradoxical nature of the Marina landscape—its alternating yoga studios and gelato parlors—where capitalism is fueled by the parasitic symbiosis of indulgence and restraint.

Allow Ulrich’s sweet whispers to vibrate your pancreas at 480 Hertz, the frequency of delight.

Tips & Hours

  • This Detour is best taken when all the cupcake shops are open: Monday 10:30am-12noon, Tuesday-Saturday 10:30am-5pm, and Saturday 11:30am-4pm. You can take it anytime, but some of the shops may be closed.

  • You'll be buying sweets along the route of this Detour. You’ll need about $20 (more if you want extra sweets to take home).