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The Mission

Starts at:

24th Street Bart Station Plaza, The Mission


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Produced in partnership with KQED

Roberto Hernandez, the “Mayor of The Mission,” takes you deep into the Mission with people who intimately love the neighborhood, but in very different ways. Roberto introduces you to all kinds of ‘locals’: from tech-worker newcomers drawn to the neighborhood’s buzz to Latinos who treasure the neighborhood’s traditions. And as we travel, they all meet each other to ask: What does it mean to belong in a place in the midst of unprecedented change?

Along the way, you’ll make an illegal left-hand turn with the coolest low-riders rolling 24th Street. You’ll visit a controversial new restaurant and eat hot hand-pressed tortillas at the neighborhood’s staple Mexicatessen. You’ll see a million dollar condo and a house for sale for $9,000. You’ll hear the conga drums of Carnaval, decode neighborhood murals, and stop into a backyard patio full of tech workers writing code for start-ups they hope will be the next Uber or Airbnb.

By the end of this Detour, you’ll understand why change agents and preservationists alike celebrate the Mission’s sense of place and want to belong there -- and that a statement like "I belong" can mean two different things. As Roberto will tell you, “If you're saying it to yourself, it's empowering. But if you're saying it to someone else, it can mean: You don't belong. And who gets to belong, that is a real emotional topic around here.”

Tips & Hours

  • This Detour is best between noon - 4pm when all of the businesses along the route are open, but this walk can be taken anytime during the day.

  • Most of the stops are open until 8pm. If you want to eat at the delicious Mexicatessen at the end, be sure to start the walk before 4:30 Monday - Saturday and before 3:30 on Sundays.

  • Come hungry. This walk stops at a bakery and ends at a delicious Mexicatessen.

  • Bring some cash for snacks along the way and an optional donation at an after-school program and community mural arts studio.