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Soundwalk Presents John Perry Barlow

Starts at:

Cafe Bean, Tendernob


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Narrator John Perry Barlow (founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation, lyric writer for the Grateful Dead) takes you on an immersive sound journey into the Tendernob, a world of gritty back-alleys, on the fringe of the technology boom that has otherwise enveloped San Francisco. Traversing the interactive urban landscape of sci-fi bookshops, salons, art galleries, strip joints and faded rock n roll haunts, you will plunge into a mind-bending discourse on everything from the future of humanity in a virtual world to the California Dream reshaping itself through history.

Tips & Hours

  • This tour is best Monday - Saturday between 11am - 4pm. You can take it any other time as well, but some of the stops may not be open. We don't recommend doing this tour on Sundays, as most of the stops are closed.

  • One of the shops on this walk has sporadic hours and might not be open, but the tour can still be enjoyed by looking in the front window or you can skip ahead.