San Francisco

Detour San Francisco

On these walks, you’ll see the spots that make San Francisco famous (and infamous), but you’ll also learn the city’s secrets from the locals who know it best. Take them on your own schedule and at your own pace. Detour will show you a San Francisco that even natives rarely see.

Cool Gray City

25,000 years of history in 25 (or so) blocks, with the author of Cool Gray City of Love.

The Castro

Wonder how the Castro changed the world? Walk with neighborhood hero Cleve Jones through the gay rights revolution.

Beat Generation

Drink and think your way through North Beach with Jack Kerouac and the poets of the Beat Generation in 1950s San Francisco.


Walk through the epicenter of the Summer of Love with one of the activists who was at its center. Presented by KQED.


Discover the hidden spaces, forgotten treasures, and lost buildings of downtown San Francisco.

The Tenderloin

Walk the city's most misunderstood neighborhood with people who call it home.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman Mike "Candy" Mitchell shows you the side of the wharf that tourists rarely see.

The Mission

In a neighborhood in the midst of unprecedented change, what does it mean to belong?


See (and hear) art in a whole new way.


A walk through San Francisco's audacious plan to end trash as we know it.

Black Panthers

The Black Panthers changed the world. But will anyone in their home neighborhood remember?

Marina Sweets

Paired with Ulrich’s brutal philosophy, the Marina’s gourmet pastries taste absurdly delicious.

Albany Bulb

Enter the rarest thing in any city: an untamed place.